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Advanced Science
    + 100% Nature          = Skin Care Results


We’re a cosmeceutical skincare company passionate about helping our clients be comfortable with their bodies. Here at Lada Skin Care, we believe that looking good leads to feeling good.

That’s why we’ve invested our time into sourcing the most advanced ingredients and formulating the most effective and advanced stretch mark removal product on the market – and why we’ve made it quick, easy and affordable to start reducing the appearance of your stretch marks today.

We know as well as you do how frustrating it can be feeling like you’re stuck with your stretch marks for life. But we also know that you don’t have to put up with them.

Our team of skin care experts and premium stockists around Australia are committed to helping you look and feel your best by minimising the appearance of stretch marks and significantly reducing their impact on your sense of wellbeing.

Our Striae-Eraze formulation takes nature’s best and matches it with advanced cosmetic science to deliver a stretch mark removal cream that works to reduce the appearance of stretch marks at every level of your skin.

From the surface down to the deep skin cells, Striae-Eraze works to reverse the effects of stretch marks and prevent new marks from developing.

Our formulations contain premium ingredients that are both safe and effective. All our products are paraben-free, non-comedogenic and free from artificial fragrance, colour and dye.

They also contain no animal products and we do not test our products on animals - so you can get rid of your stretch marks with a clear conscience.